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Tamil Nadu Association of Clinical Psychologists (TNACP)  is an organization representing the Clinical Psychologists practicing in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry who hold the required qualification in the field of clinical psychology and meet the criteria established by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) for endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist. This includes completing M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from institutions recognized by RCI.


TNACP advocates the recognition of Clinical Psychology as a clearly identifiable area of expertise in the field mental health. It also promotes the identity of Clinical Psychologists as a professional distinguished for their expertise in mental health among public and other health care professionals.


TNACP endorses the role of clinical psychologists to government, professionals, and academic organizations, other health care professionals and the public in maintaining the standards of mental health practice.


TNACP is working towards making the profession of Clinical Psychology on par with the international standards in terms of services and expertise. It also provides opportunities to its members for updating their knowledge and skills required for the profession by providing platform for discussing the latest developments in the field, Continuing Education programs, Seminars, and Conferences.

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